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Enrollment Ceremony Details - Friday, September 30, 2016

Individuals who pass the July 2016 bar examination and who have met all other requirements for admission to the bar are expected to attend the enrollment ceremony to be held at the Supreme Court of Missouri, 207 West High Street,  Jefferson City, on Friday, September 30, 2016, to take the Oath of Admission. The Missouri Bar enrollment ceremony is the traditional welcome extended to new members of The Missouri Bar by the Judges of the Supreme Court of Missouri, the officers of The Missouri Bar and the members of the Missouri Board of Law Examiners.  Your attendance at the enrollment ceremony is anticipated.  Please carefully review these instructions regarding attendance at the ceremony.

Courtroom Attire

You are expected to dress in business attire for the enrollment ceremony before the Supreme Court of Missouri.  Appropriate attire is a coat and tie for men and a dress or suit for women.  Revealing clothing and jeans are not appropriate attire.


Registration for the ceremony will be on the first floor of the Capitol, directly across the street from the Supreme Court Building.  Please note that just one bridge is carrying both directions of Route 54/63 traffic over the Missouri River in Jefferson City.   In addition to a bridge closure, all access ramps from Route 54/63 to and from West Main Street are closed.  You should plan accordingly.


To reduce the lines for registration, it is critical that you arrive no earlier and no later.  Registration times are staggered to control the number of people passing through security at any given time. Report for registration at the time listed below based on the first letter of your last name.

A - E 7:45 AM
F - K 8:15 AM
L - P 8:45 AM
Q - S 9:15 AM
T - Z 9:45 AM


Your assigned registration time is not your ceremony time. When you report for registration, you will be assigned a tentative time by which you must be in your seat for your assigned ceremony at the Supreme Court Building at 207 West High Street.  Access into the Supreme Court Building will be controlled by your ceremony color and number.  Times printed on your ceremony admittance card are only approximate times.  Please allow 30-40 minutes to walk from the Capitol to the Supreme Court, pass through security, and be seated in the assigned courtroom for your ceremony.  To assist us in crowd control, we ask that applicants and their guests not get in line to enter the Supreme Court Building until the Marshall calls your ceremony color and number.  Please communicate your ceremony color and number to your guests.


Applicants must present photo I.D. and their ceremony admitance card at the security checkpoint. Guests will be required to comply with security procedures in order to enter the Supreme Court Building, including passing through a metal detector. Cellular telephones are allowed in the Supreme Court Building in order to take pictures and videos only.  No voice calls are allowed on the second floor of the Supreme Court Building including in the Courtrooms at any time.

Ceremony Assignments

The oath is administered to 55 applicants per ceremony, with each ceremony lasting approximately 20 minutes. The first ceremony will start at 9:00 a.m.  At registration you will be given a ceremony admittance card. The admittance card will state the approximate time of your ceremony, the Courtroom to which you should report, and your seat number. There will be numbered seats at the front of the Courtroom, and you should proceed to your assigned seat in the Courtroom indicated -- Division I or Division II -- when directed.  Specific instructions concerning the ceremony will be given in the Courtroom prior to the start of each ceremony.

Please note that ceremony times listed on the ceremony admittance card are approximate and admittance into the Supreme Court Building is controlled by your ceremony color and number. 


You should NOT park in the parking lot located behind the Supreme Court Building which is reserved for the use of Supreme Court Judges and personnel. There is a public parking garage on Madison Street, two blocks east and one block north of the Supreme Court Building. In addition, meter parking is available on various streets downtown.

Access for Individuals With Disabilities

The Missouri Supreme Court Building is accessible to handicapped individuals. Handicap parking is available and two separate entrances are wheelchair accessible. In addition, the Courtrooms are accessible via elevator. Please contact the Marshal at 573-751-2117 for handicap parking information, directions to accessible entrances and for other assistance.

The Ceremony

The bar enrollment ceremony begins with the opening of Court. After the Judges enter, a member of the Missouri Board of Law Examiners welcomes the applicants and moves the Court to admit the applicants to The Missouri Bar. Thereafter, a representative of The Missouri Bar welcomes the applicants and seconds the motion for admittance. The Chief Justice then administers the oath and directs the Missouri Board of Law Examiners to issue the licenses. Each applicant is called by name and must accept his or her license individually.  The ceremony concludes with the closing of Court.

The Roll of Attorneys

While at the Supreme Court Building, you should sign the Roll of Attorneys. This book contains the names of all attorneys enrolled by this Court, and you should be certain that your name is included. You may sign the Roll either before or after the ceremony.

Federal Court Ceremony

The United States District Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Missouri will conduct an enrollment ceremony for those applicants who plan to practice in the U.S. District Court.  Review this information for details. 

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