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July 2023 Examination Results Released


Congratulations to the applicants who passed the bar examination and have met all other admission requirements; a link to the list of their names can be found below.  The names of applicants who passed the bar examination but did not complete all eligibility requirements for admission within the prescribed time period are NOT included in this list. 

Additional admission requirements for exam applicants include the following: (1) receipt by the Missouri Board of Law Examiners (Board) of an official transcript verifying that the applicant has been awarded the J.D. degree; (2) receipt by the board of the applicant’s certified score of not less than 80 on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination; (3) approval by the board of the applicant’s character and fitness; (4) verification by the board that the applicant is a citizen of the U.S., an immigrant alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S., or an alien otherwise authorized to work lawfully in the U.S.; and (5) completion of the Missouri Educational Component Test on Missouri law.

Results have been posted to the homepage of each applicant.

The list of successful candidates who have completed all requirements for admission can be found here.

The detailed examination statistics can be found here.


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