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Laptop Program

  • Applicants may use their own Windows or Mac laptops to complete their answers to the essay portion of the examination, subject to use of the required secure software.

  • To participate in the laptop program you must answer YES to the question in the application for bar exam: Do you plan to register for the Laptop Program? If you initially answered NO to this question, but wish to use your laptop, you must go into your MBLE user home page and amend your answer.

  • Laptop registration/download periods are specific for each exam. See Exam Key Dates & Deadlines.

  • Approximately seven weeks before the examination, once laptop registration opens, applicants will receive an email with instructions. At this point, applicants must complete all the required steps, including downloading the software, ILG Exam360® (Exam360), within the outlined time frame.

  • Exam360 prevents access during an exam session to any files or programs on the computer other than the software itself.

  • Answers are typed in a format that resembles common word-processors (underline, bold, italics, center, justify, variable indent, etc.).

  • Answer responses are automatically saved and backed up frequently to promote data integrity.

  • Answers are uploaded after the exam, but Internet connectivity is disabled during the exam.


  • Make certain your laptop is configured for access to the Internet and that you know how to connect to the Internet using your laptop. Review the ILG Exam360® Frequently Asked Questions on your MBLE User Home page, which includes the minimum system requirements.

  • You cannot copy the Exam360 program from one laptop to another. Do not download the software to a desktop computer and then try to copy it to your laptop. You must download and register the software on the laptop you intend to use for the bar examination.

  • Applicants assume all risk of using a laptop to take the bar examination. No extra time or other relief will be provided in the event of any malfunction of your computer or the software, or any electrical or other technical difficulties.

  • Always be prepared to hand write your exam in the event you cannot use your laptop. Answer books will be available upon request during the examination.

  • Applicants must agree to hand write their exam answers in the event of a hardware, software, or power malfunction, regardless of the cause, and agree that MBLE assumes no liability in the event of any malfunction.

  • Exam360 automatically backs-up and saves to your hard drive every minute.

  • The spell check function will not be available on exam day.

  • The examination site will provide electrical outlets, but be sure to have a fully charged battery in case of a power outage or malfunction of the electrical outlets. If your power cord is less than 6 feet in length bring a small extension cord. MBLE will not provide extension cords to examinees.

  • Laptop bags are prohibited in the examination room.

  • An external keyboard and/or mouse, may be used only if they fit on the table supplied by the examination site and do not disturb other exam takers. These items must be wired/cabled and may not be wireless (no Bluetooth).

  • On the first day of the examination, you should have your laptop set up by 8:30 AM, at which time instructions will begin. If your laptop is not ready when it is time to start the examination, you must begin the exam by handwriting.

  • No extra time will be provided because of problems with the operation of your laptop or the software or electrical problems.

  • You will not be allowed to remove your laptop from the room at the conclusion of the morning examination session. Your laptop must remain in the room the entire day. If you should finish the examination before the last 30 minutes, you may leave the room, but your laptop must remain until the completion of the examination. You must return to the room after the examination has finished to collect your laptop.

  • Exam360 will not be used for the Multistate Bar Examination portion. Do not bring your laptop the second day of testing.

  • You will be required to access the Internet following the examination to upload your answers. Upload your examination answers via the Internet by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, the last day of the examination.

  • Do not uninstall the program until examination results are released in the event a backup copy of your answers needs to be accessed. Check your MBLE user home page, email, and voicemail messages regularly during the four weeks following the examination should ILG Tech Support need to contact you to access the encrypted answer file.