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Grading & Results

Release of Results

  • An examination result letter will be posted to your MBLE user home page under the heading "Admission Documents" before noon on the day that results are released.

  • Applicants who pass the examination but have not yet met all other requirements for admission are notified that they passed the examination but their name is not posted on the Internet or otherwise released to the public until all requirements for admission have been satisfied.

  • A list of the names of applicants who passed the examination AND have satisfied all other requirements of Rule 8 for admission will be posted before 5:00 PM in the Announcements section at

  • The results letter, posted to the home page of all applicants, includes the applicant's scaled essay, scaled MBE and total UBE score is posted to the homepage of all applicants.

  • Results cannot be given over the telephone, by email, or by fax.
  • Applicants must satisfy all requirements for admission within one year of the date of notification of passing the examination or their scores will be void, unless the time is extended by the board for good cause shown.

Anonymity in the Essay Grading Process

  • Each answer is identified only by an applicant examination number during the grading process. Grades are recorded and scores are calculated by that applicant examination number.

  • Applicants' names are matched with the numbers by MBLE personnel when results are final and ready to be released.

Post-Exam Review of Answers

  • Applicants may not review their MEE, MPT or MBE answers post-examination.

  • The bar examination is not intended to be a teaching device but rather is intended to determine that persons admitted to The Missouri Bar meet the minimum level of competence prescribed by the Supreme Court of Missouri.

Score Verification

  • For information regarding the scoring process, see Explanation of Report of UBE Scores.

  • Prior to release, the results of the examination are subjected to numerous rounds of verification and proofing to ensure that all scores are mathematically correct and accurately reported to the applicant.

  • In addition, all MEE and MPT answers of any applicant whose preliminary total scaled score is within a set range are automatically regraded PRIOR to release of examination results. The regrading is "blind" in that the graders do not know what scores were assigned originally.

MBE Score

  • MBE answers are machine scored by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

  • Applicants may request MBE score verification to verify that the machine scoring was accurate. To request that your MBE answer sheet be handscored you must submit a written request to the MBLE office that includes your name, NCBE number, the date you took the bar examination and a check made payable to "NCBE" in the amount of $50. MBLE will submit your request to NCBE and notify you, generally about four weeks after your request is received, of the outcome of the hand-scoring.

  • Requests for MBE score verifications must be received by NCBE before the next administration of the MBE.