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Limited Certifications

Information about Rule 8.06 Temporary Practice Certificate, Rule 13.06 Certificate to Supervise, and Rule 9.06 Foreign Legal Consultant Certificate.

Rule 8.06 Temporary Practice Certificate

Lawyers who meet the qualifications set out in Rule 8.06 may apply to practice law temporarily in Missouri for a period not to exceed 12 months while their application for admission is pending. Please refer to Rule 8.06 to review the qualifications for temporary practice certification. In general, to qualify the following conditions must be met:

1. You must have filed an application for admission in Missouri pursuant to Rule 8.07 (admission with bar exam), Rule 8.09 (admission by transferred UBE Score), Rule 8.10 (admission without exam) or Rule 8.105 (limited admission as in-house counsel); AND,

2. You must not have previously failed the Missouri bar examination; AND,

3. You must be an active member in good standing of the highest court of a state or territory of the United States; AND,

4. You must not be under suspension or disbarment by any court of record or the subject of any pending disciplinary complaints.

Complete this Rule 8.06 temporary permit application form and mail it along with the required fee to the address below.

If you have not already done so in connection with your admission application, you must provide a Certificate of Good Standing from the highest court of every state or territory in which you are admitted and a disciplinary statement from each state or territory in which you are admitted.  The Disciplinary Statement must verify that there are no PENDING complaints. When you contact the disciplinary offices to request a Disciplinary Statement, specify in your request that the Statement MUST address whether there are any PENDING complaints.

Office of the Board of Law Examiners
Post Office Box 104236
Jefferson City, MO 65110-4236.

Rule 13.06 Certificate to Supervise

Rule 13.06 provides that a law teacher who is not a member of the Missouri bar but who is eligible to practice law in another state or territory and is employed full-time by a Missouri law school may obtain a certificate to supervise Rule 13-certified law students as a supervisor or teacher in a clinical law program or in connection with a law school professional education program. (For information and the application form related to Rule 13-certified law students, go to the “Information for Law Students” section of our web site.)

A certificate under Rule 13.06 does not authorize the lawyer to practice in any capacity other than through the law school professional education or clinical program. The certification is terminated when the lawyer no longer meets the requirements necessary to initially receive the certificate. The lawyer must notify immediately the dean of the law school if there is any change in the lawyer's licensure status in other states or territories.

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Rule 9.06 Foreign Legal Consultant

Rule 9.06 provides that a person who is admitted to practice in a foreign country as an attorney or counselor at law or the equivalent may practice in the state of Missouri as a foreign legal consultant to the extent permitted by Rules 9.06 through 9.12. Please review Rules 9.06 through 9.12 to determine whether you are eligible and for the complete requirements for certification.

A person registered as a foreign legal consultant may render legal services and give professional advice only on the laws of the jurisdictions identified in the certificate. The person may not hold himself or herself out as an attorney licensed in this state or as a member of The Missouri Bar, and may not render professional legal services or advice on the law of the state of Missouri or of the United States or of any other jurisdiction.

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