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Information & Applications » Rule 13.06 - Certificate to Supervise - (Clinical Professors) » Rule 13.06 Instructions

Browse Forms is for VIEWING the application questions. Sub-sections of the application can be expanded/viewed by selecting Yes / No answer to questions within the application. You must create a user account and login to your user home page to complete an application form.
Applicants must read and acknowledge their understanding of the information and instructions.


Rules Regulating Admission to the Bar in Missouri

You are responsible to read and understand Rule 13 and the Rules Regulating Admission to the Bar in Missouri.

Electronic Communications

All information and announcements are posted on our website at You are expected to regularly visit the MBLE web site to review the announcements and information posted there. MBLE corresponds with applicants primarily via e-mail. You are required to maintain a current e-mail address and mailing address on your personal MBLE Registration Account, and to regularly read all mail from this office, whether sent electronically or by postal service. It is your responsibility to ensure that e-mails from MBLE are not filtered as spam and to add and to your e-mail address book.

Filing Deadlines & Fees

There is no filing deadline for submitting an application for a Rule 13.06 certification to supervise. The fee is $650. Filing fees are not refundable even if you withdraw your application or do not meet the requirements for certification.

Review the fee schedule here »

Proper Application Filing Process

For your application to be properly filed, you must submit the electronic application, prescribed filing fee, Affidavit of Dean of Law School, authorization and release form. If you fail to complete the Filing Process within six months of submission of the electronic application, you will be required to submit an entirely new application as if applying for the first time.

1. Application - Complete and submit the electronic portion of your application. Do not submit the electronic application in paper form.

2. Filing Fee - Pay the prescribed filing fee, either by credit card, debit card, or send a money order, cashier's check, corporate check or law firm check made payable to "Clerk of the Supreme Court." Print your name on the check exactly as it appears in the application in order to ensure proper credit. Unacceptable forms of payment include cash, personal checks and traveler's checks. All fees are non-refundable.

3. Authorization and Release form - Print the A&R form and sign it in the presence of a notary. The properly signed and notarized A&R must be submitted by mail. Your application will not be accepted for filing until a signed and notarized A&R is received.

Once you have submitted your application electronically, you may also upload the signed and notarized Authorization and Release form, in PDF, by clicking on the "Upload New Document" button located in the bottom right corner of your user home page.

4. Other PDF forms - You must print and submit by mail the "Affidavit of Dean of Law School" which is in Adobe PDF format. You must complete the Affidavit and have it signed by the dean of the law school where you are employed.

Mailing the documents -

For U.S. Postal Service regular delivery:
Missouri Board of Law Examiners
P.O. Box 104236
Jefferson City MO 65110-4236

Certified mail, delivery service (FedEx/UPS) or personal delivery

Missouri Board of Law Examiners
1700 Jefferson Street
Jefferson City MO 65109

External documents - Many additional documents, beyond the application forms listed above, are required to complete your application and admissions file. We refer to these as "external documents." External documents are documents that are required based upon your answers in the application forms and which you typically must obtain from some third party. Examples of external documents include your driver's license records, police reports, court records, certificate of status, disciplinary statement, etc. The A&R form, PDF forms, and fee are NOT external documents.

External documents can be submitted before, concurrent with, or after filing of your application. While we do not require that external documents be submitted at the time the application is filed, the decision as to your character and fitness and eligibility for certification will be delayed until we have received all required external documents. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit all required external documents in a timely manner, preferably with the paper portions of your application. It is helpful if you include a cover letter with the paper portion of your application listing any missing external documents and the date we can expect to receive those.


Required for proper filing of application:

1. Electronic application forms completed and submitted.

2. Filing fee paid by credit card, debit card, cashier's check, money order, corporate check or law firm check.

3. Affidavit of Dean of Law School signed by the dean and mailed.

4. A&R signed in presence of notary and mailed.

Required to fully complete application so character & fitness and eligibility can be determined:

5. Official driver's record(s) that include your history of any traffic violations and administrative actions as requested in Question 2 of the Application for Character and Fitness Report.

6. All other external documents requested in the application.

7. Certified birth certificate, certified Consular Report of Birth, a copy of Certificate of Citizenship evidencing your status as U.S. citizen, or a legible copy of both sides of the US. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) document evidencing your status as a naturalized citizen, a lawful permanent resident, or an alien authorized to work in the U.S.

8. A Certificate of Status from the licensing authority and a Disciplinary History Statement from the disciplinary authority of each U.S. jurisdiction (state, territory, or the District of Columbia) or foreign jurisdiction where you currently are or ever have been admitted to practice law as requested in Question 9 of the Application for Character and Fitness Report. The statement from the disciplinary authority must include a verification that you are not the subject of any pending disciplinary complaints.

I have read and understand Rule 13 and the Rules Regulating Admission to the Bar in Missouri.
I have read and understand these instructions.