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Rule 8.105 - Limited Admission as In-House Counsel

General Application Information

Rule 8.105 provides for limited admission in Missouri of a lawyer licensed in another U.S. jurisdiction who is employed in Missouri as a lawyer exclusively for a corporation, its subsidiaries or affiliates, an association, a business, or a governmental entity, whose lawful business consists of activities other than the practice of law or the provision of legal services. Please review Rule 8.105 for eligibility and requirements for admission as in-house counsel. There is no refund of the filing fee of $1,240.00, even if you do not meet the requirements for admission or withdraw your application.

A license issued pursuant to Rule 8.105 only authorizes the lawyer to practice exclusively for the employer meeting the requirement of Rule 8.105(a)(1) and to engage in pro bono work with an organization approved for this purpose by The Missouri Bar.

A license issued pursuant to Rule 8.105 is automatically nullified if the lawyer's employment in Missouri by a qualifying employer is terminated or if the lawyer is no longer licensed to practice law in another state or territory. If the lawyer's employment is terminated but the lawyer is immediately hired by another Rule 8.105 qualifying employer and the lawyer notifies the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Missouri of the new employer, the license shall be reinstated. Rule 8.105 lawyers must notify immediately the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Missouri if there is any change in the lawyer's employment or in the lawyer's licensure status in other states or territories.


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