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July 2022 Bar Examination Upcoming Dates & Information

The Missouri Board of Law Examiners is proceeding with plans to administer the Uniform Bar Examination in July 2022.

To ensure examinees are informed about the current and possible, future safety precautions, exam applicants properly filed as of the May 31, 2022, deadline will be sent the COVID-19 June 7 Exam Administration Update, in addition to the Code of Conduct Agreement.  By June 22, 2022, applicants must complete and submit the code of conduct form indicating their agreement to comply with the protective measures.  Applicants who do not submit a completed code of conduct agreement form by the deadline will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

Any properly filed applicant for the July 2022 exam may postpone and carry forward the application fee to the February 2023 exam.  Normal postponement fees will apply.  Applicants must notify MBLE in writing before the exam date of their intent to postpone taking the exam to February 2023.

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines:

June 7 – Registration period for the laptop program begins (12:00 PM, CST).

June 22 – Deadline to upload the completed code of conduct agreement, including information regarding emergency contacts.

June 22 – Deadline to register for the laptop program and upload the trial exam (5:00 PM, CST).

July 15 – MBLE will notify applicants of their room assignment and screening time.

February 2022 Examination Results Released

Congratulations to the applicants who passed the bar examination and have met all other admission requirements; a list of their names can be found below.  The names of applicants who passed the bar examination but did not complete all eligibility requirements for admission within the prescribed time period are NOT included in the below list. 

Additional admission requirements for exam applicants include the following: (1) receipt by the Missouri Board of Law Examiners of an official transcript verifying that the applicant has been awarded the J.D. degree; (2) receipt by the board of the applicant’s certified score of not less than 80 on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination; (3) approval by the board of the applicant’s character and fitness; (4) verification by the board that the applicant is a citizen of the U.S., an immigrant alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S. or an alien otherwise authorized to work lawfully in the U.S.; and (5) completion of the Missouri Educational Component Test on Missouri law.

Results have been posted to the homepage of each applicant.

The list of successful candidates who have completed all requirements for admission can be found here.

The detailed examination statistics can be found here.

NOTICE: Updated Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2019

On November 1, 2018, the Supreme Court of Missouri issued an order updating the Board of Law Examiners' Fee Schedule.  The new fee schedule is effective January 1, 2019.   The changes are under section C of the fee schedule, which will impact bar examination applicants beginning with the July 2019 exam in Missouri. 

NOTICE: New Rule 8.106, Temporary Admission for Attorney Spouses of Active Duty Military

On September 5, 2018, the Supreme Court of Missouri issued an  Order adopting Rule 8.106 (Temporary Admission for Attorney Spouses of Active Duty Military), effective January 1, 2019.  Information about the rule is available on the Missouri Board of Law Examiners (MBLE) website for review at   Electronic applications may be submitted as of January 1, 2019, upon creation of a MBLE registration account at  



NOTICE: Amendment to Rule 8.09, Admission By Transferred UBE Score

On December 4, 2018, the Supreme Court of Missouri issued an  Order amending Rule 8.09 (Admission by Transferred Uniform Bar Examination Score), effective  January 1, 2019.   The Order changes the maximum time period to transfer a qualifying UBE score attained in another jurisdiction from 24 months to five years preceding the date the application is properly submitted in Missouri.